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The Problem

Stop Staircase Cracks In New Homes ... FOR GOODCracked staircases in newbuild

typical cracking forming in new home, at the staircase/ wall junction
The Solution

Our patented and innovative flexible staircase interface prevents cracking and gaps forming around the staircases in new build homes.

• Completely eliminates customer care issues in this problematic area, saving site management time; increasing customer satisfaction.

• Provides a tangible advantage to sales staff – transforms a former problem into a feature that is immediately obvious to prospective buyers, upon entering the site show-home.

• Replaceable facia available in a range of finishes – to match interior furnishings/ door furniture.

• Provides a perfectly straight and parallel finish to wall/string joint.

• Replaceable facia means any future damage is easily rectified.

• Speeds up decoration – no cutting in.

• Protective, peel-off plastic film keeps facia white until removed by cleaners at final clean stage.

Fitting Instructions